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Second Step: Make sure your Software is up to date



The second step in troubleshooting your audio streaming problems through this self help section is to ensure that you have all of your software updated and installed correctly.


Each of the players on the radio station's player page rely on that player or it's required plugins to be installed properly and up to date.

So for example, if you are making use of our FLASH PLAYER you require a web browser that supports the Embedded Flash AND you require the Flash Plugin from Adobe which is a free download available at

As another example, you could be on the player selector page trying to make use of the WINAMP PLAYER, but you might not have WINAMP installed on your computer. In this case you would need install it before you could use it.


INTERNET EXPLORER (Windows Computers Only)

MOZILLA FIREFOX (Windows, Mac and Linux)

SAFARI (Windows and Mac)


WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER plugins differ between browsers.
Windows Media Player (on a Windows Machine) should be self-managed by Windows Update Service for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Older versions of Windows might need to be manually installed by updating Windows Media Player from this link:

Windows Media Player's Plugin for MOZILLA FIREFOX can be found here:

For Google Chrome is can be found here:

FLASH PLAYER can be found here:

WINAMP can be found here:


ITUNES can be found here:

REAL PLAYER can be found here:

At any time, you are also more than welcome to submit a support request ticket to one staff by clicking HERE

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